Mediation is a peaceful. economical, friendly, informal means to reach a decision or settle a dispute. It is consensual in that all parties must agree to the resolutions of their conflict.

In mediation the decision-making authority rests with the parties. You are in complete control...nothing happens unless you choose that option.
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Our Staff

We have over 30 years of experience and have mediated over 4000 cases combined. Our mediators are members of the Association for Conflict Resolution and/or diplomats in the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators.


Mediators certified in


Circuit Civil




Our Mediators

Carmela Porter

Wayne Willis

Carolyn Slowikowski

Cecil Lanier 


Advantages of Mediation

Avoid Litigation


Informal and Non-adversarial

Creative Alternatives

Mutually Acceptable


Conserve Time and Energy

Peaceful Negotiations

High Success Rate


What do I bring to mediation?

    Anything you think will assist you in resolving the issues in your case.

How long does mediation take?

    The average mediation is 3 hours, but mediations can go up to 8 hours,

depending upon the issues in the case.

Who can participate in my mediation?

   The named parties and their attorneys as the decision makers and the mediator who will facilitate the negotiations/discussion.

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